Cenegenics New York City Age Management Medical Team

When you become a Cenegenics New York patient, you are provided a dedicated team—Physician, Exercise and Nutrition Counselor, a Patient Service Specialist along with our entire staff, focused on helping you achieve your health, vitality and wellness goals every day.


Kyle Hanson, MS, CSCS, CES, USAW-L1SP
Exercise and Nutrition Counselor
O 646.963.9705


Samantha Mighty
Patient Service Specialist
O 646.963.9707


Tiffany Shen
Patient Service Specialist
O 646.963.9706


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"After trying other "wellness" places I felt like I was wasting my money.  I was still slightly over weight, didnt feel well and I was growing ever more frustrated because I knew that it shouldn't be this way (Im 43 years old).  Read More

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